Would you like to know how to cook up your own Spanish style sweet vermouth? How about making the dry vermouth for your dry martini - out of your own kitchen!?
Join us for a (
fun) online class and you can

impress your friends with unmatchable verm-owledge,
impress yourself with ver-mastery in the kitchen,
and learn why vermouth is


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Vermouth 101

Class 1 - Learn how to make a traditional Spanish-Style Vermút in the comfort of your own kitchen, as well as key knowledge points.

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Vermouth 102

Class 3 - In search of the

Perfect Martini:

Learn how to make a French-Style Dry Vermouth and the Perfect Dry Martini

to mix up with it.

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Gin 101

Class 2 - Undoubtedly vermouth´s best friend in the bar, Gin makes a solid companion and is a wonder on it´s own. Learn everything every ginthusiast should know including how to make a homemade batch.