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Join Luke and an international crowd celebrating new years eve across the globe all from your own kitchen. Invite your overseas friends to join as you get your hands dirty making your own homemade vermouth and bring in the new year with a spirit of your own making! 
Popular Questions:
How long is it, how does it work, and how much does it cost?
- one hour and a Lil bit, you will receive a zoom code to join the meeting at your selected time and it costs 25€/ticket - payable via paypal.

What will i need?
A bottle of (economically priced) wine; a selection of herbs and teas found in your own kitchen or at your local supermarket; vodka, white rum or similar spirit; and if you had a bottle of your favourite vermouth on hand that would be as they say in Spain- Espectacular!
Once you have made the booking you will receive the full ingredients list.

What will we do during the class?
Cover a little bit of vermoutheory (that's vermouth theory, like regular theory but filled with booze so its fun) before we prepare an instamouth™ and have one ready to enjoy by the end of the class

What's an instamouth™?
Vermouth is usually prepared through a long method of infusing botanicals into wine and spirits. an instamouth™ is a hack - speeding up the process to have the final product ready in hours instead of weeks

Sounds cool, how do I join?
Simple, should only take 2 minutes - Click reserve online and follow the steps.
NOTE: Number of participants = one per household, ie if you will be a party of five people in your kitchen that counts as one participant. if you will be 5 friends each in A different kitchen that would be 5 participants.